Historic Haile Homestead

Photo by W. E. Benet

Haile-Kanapaha Plantation House

Built c. 1854-56 by Thomas Evans Haile, who had moved to Alachua County from Camden, South Carolina, the Haile Homestead (originally named Kanapaha Plantation after a Pre-Columbian Timucuan village which had existed in the area) was designed to make the best of Florida's hot, humid summers. Constructed primarily of heart pine, it stands on mortared lime rock piers almost four feet tall that provide a cool draft underneath (for perspective, notice the silhouette of the person in the doorway). Well-shaded in the summer by a canopy of pine and live oak, the roof was originally made of cypress shingles (replaced by galvanized metal in 1937) and the rooms had 12-foot ceilings and large windows with louvered shutters. The house blends in so well with the natural surroundings that it appears deceptively smaller than it is. In fact, it occupies approximately 7,000 square feet and contains 10 rooms and two halls.  More photos, information and history -- WEB

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